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our integrated services

Government Support

Need help and support with universal credit, PIP and many other government services.

In-house Courses

Provide a range of online courses. Please note certificate will have a one off cost. 


Need someone to speak on your behalf? We are here to help.

Bank account applications

Need help to open a bank account we can help you. We can also provide limited finance advice.

Support groups

We provide a number of support groups for a number of important life issues like LGBTQ or mental health.

Your Data

We will keep a record of your data and it will be secured servers. This is to help you and keep you up to date.

Mental Health/SEN/Physical Disabilities

It doesn't matter what your needs we are here to help and you are a individual. Please note we are not able to accept wheelchair bound clients. We are looking into another unit local to our current property and on lower floor.


If we can and where possible we will refer you to outside resources to help get to your goal. 

Internet Cafe

We have an internet cafe for clients who may not have the internet at home due to costs and other reasons. 

Access Our Services

Click the relevant services you need below.

Governmental Services
Benefits Support

Need help to gain access to benefits? We can help. We can help with UC, PIP and more.


Do you need support and not sure on what route to take? We will help you pave the way to gaining the correct support.

Finance Support

Having finance issues? In debt? We can refer you to services that can help with that. 

Property Pool

Made homeless? Maybe the home you are in now is not suitable. We can help you with getting a home and more.